About Us

Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp., (ADDC) is a high tech computer manufacturer, concentrating on the miniaturization, and small form-factor, of high-performance x86 pluggable computers, servers and high security devices. We proudly make all our products in the USA.

Who We Are

Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation (ADDC) is a privately held company.

It was founded in 2002 by Michael Arnouse to create a low powered interchangeable compute platform allowing users an unprecedented level of flexibility with ultra-high security in a portable micro form factor.

ADDC has been granted 18 utility patents, with three pending in the areas of pluggable computing and its surrounding ecosystem, which cover all aspects of ADDC products and technology.

ADDC is fully committed to providing the world's best computing solutions for fixed and mobile environments enabling consumers, governments and businesses to excel. ADDC products are proudly created and made in the USA.

Our History