Data Center Real Estate Set for Sea Change


The ADDC SR-90, which combines 90 physical servers into 2U, is set to radically transform the data center realty space. 

Just introduced a week ago, the SR-90 has garnered an amazing amount of attention from Data Center real estate insiders calling it a major game changer and massively disruptive. That is not surprising and was absolutely predicted prior to launch by those of us working on this project. 


But why? Well for starters, the density of the 2U retractable shelf server is 8X more dense than any other server configuration on the market and 4X more dense than anything ever built but let's count the ways the SR-90 will change how data centers are designed and configured:

1. The SR-90 requires no chilled air and a minimum of power. With servers designed to be fanless and heatsinkless the SR-90's servers require no extra cooling and can OPERATE, that's right - I said OPERATE - in ambient conditions exceeding 140F. That means data centers can dedicate the compute wing of their space to an unconditioned square footage reducing overhead expenses massively. 

2. The reduction in cooling requirements also means saving in location. No longer having to worry about overhead cooling means that data centers can exist in even the most harsh of climates which typically demand the least rental cost. Also it means that duplicity in massive cooling systems can be foregone which will reap major capital and ongoing overhead expenses. 

3. The size of the servers, and the way they are networked together and offered as an easy to configure, run and upgrade, means that the space allocated to servers can diminish greatly - but really how much are they going to be able to be reduced. Assuming that a typical data center rack is allocated 40KW max each rack, outfitted with the maximum number of shelves of SR-90 servers, it will replace no less than 8 racks of servers. Imagine, a 500,000 square foot data center facility built out with 27,000 racks can be replaced with 6 80ft containers in a parking lot. Yup, you heard that correctly - a 500,000 square foot data center is transformed into 6 80ft containers. Without doing the math the saving there is... let's just say substantial.

4. Green is always better. According to the EPA's own calculations the same 500,000 square foot facility when transformed by the SR-90 will save roughly... well a whole heck of a lot. Check out the graphic below to get an idea of how much pollution is removed from the installation of just one SR-90 rack.


Now imagine, if you can, how much pollution is saved from a 500,000 sq. ft. facility transformation to this new technology. Well, some of us struggle with big numbers so here is the EPA's version of the pollution reduction:


Kinda speaks for itself. And it speaks loudly!

5. And not least for sure. Reason number 5 on why the SR-90 is going to transform the Data Center space.. MONEY! $$$, moola, dinero, greenbacks, stash, loot, what my bank account never has enough of... real decisions always come down to the almighty dollar and the decision to transform data centers is no exception. According to just the energy and cooling savings alone, replacing a 500,000 square foot data center with the SR-90 technology will save approximately $75M in just one year. Now whose up for that?!


The SR-90, in all it's grandeur and density, starts the conversation on energy savings and reduction in pollution but it certainly doesn't end there. What if we all decided to use the energy saving BioDigitalPC for all our computing needs. We, as a global collective, would save billions of dollars and uncountable tons of pollution. All without having to compromise a single thing, not a single thing!

Wassup? The ADDC BioDigitalPC ecosystem is what's up!

Welcome to ADDC's blog where you can find the latest development and news pertaining to ADDC's products.

Michael Arnouse started Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp (ADDC) in 2002 with the idea of making this world a safer, greener and more efficient world. One of the first patents he was granted protected the idea of a "Very" smartcard. A card that could store information and deliver information for various uses. Not long after a "brain" was added to the card and the BioDigital Pluggable Computer (PC) ecosystem was born.


The BioDigitalPC, also known as the MobylPC, is a pluggable computer which can perform as a server or a desktop, laptop or tablet. The hallmarks of the card is that it is hot swappable, low energy and mobile. Just the size of a credit card and 6mm thick the BioDigitalPC has a CPU, memory and storage all packaged in a rock-hard, proprietary epoxy.

The BioDigitalPC then plugs into a reader, or docking station, that allow the use to see the video outputs, hookup keyboard and mouse and just about any USB powered device.

The idea that you can take your complete computer with you, right in your pocket, and have it protected from water, dust, mud and the elements is just part of the revolutionary aspects of the ecosystem.

We'll be exploring the BioDigitalPC ecosystem in depth in this blog and discovering how other people are using this new platform to solve old problems and create new solution to advance our lives.

My name is Dan Gallic, Chief Operating Officer of ADDC, and we're going to have a good time!