BioDigitalPC® R3



Arnouse Digital Device's newest docking station for the BioDigitalPC® Ecosystem uses a minimalistic approach to our data, power and video signals. The R3 can be used for integration into larger systems, such as a laptop, tablet, television or even a supercomputer.

Versatile and Rugged

The R3 docking station comes complete with a BioDigitalPC® Connector and breaks out the signals for 4 USB 2.0 connections, 1 USB 3.0 connection, a DisplayPort++ connection (also includes HDMI) and a PCIe x1 connection. The R3 Reader is 63mm L x 27mm W x 6mm H and uses 5VDC.

The 0.1" pitch headers allow for just about any integration and any form factor to be quickly realized while maintaining quality connections and signal integrity.

Tech Specs

  • 5VDC Power Input
  • BioDigitalPC® 100-pin connector
  • 63mm x 27mm x 6mm (without headers)
  • (2) 4 mm mounting holes
  • (2) 3 mm mounting holes
  • Weight without headers: 0.2oz(7g)
  • Weight with headers: 0.4oz(11g)
  • 0.1" pitch headers for:
    • 5VDC input power
    • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
    • 1 USB 3.0 Port
    • DisplayPort++
    • PCIe x1 (external 3.3V & 12V required)
    • 5V Fan
    • System On/Off
    • Spare microcontroller GPIO pin
    • PCIe voltage enable output pin
  • 0.05" pitch header for:
    • Microcontroller programming pins